social insight tool

Business Scenarios

You need to gain consumer insights on social media to support marketing strategy

Trends Discovery

  • Discover real-time social trends, and provide creative ideas for brands

Target Audience Positioning and KOL Selection

  • Analyze target audience; Use AI to recommend KOL portfolio; Optimize ad-serving campaigns

Campaign Evaluation

  • Quantify campaign impacts; playback propagation path; guide future campaigns


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Discover market trends in sub-categories


Social Listening

Listen to social network, and capture hot trends
  • Continuously monitor social buzz and discover competitor content plays
  • Capture social media trending interests across industries and websites

Social Buzz Analysis

Interpret billions of social interactions, and deepen understanding of consumer behaviors
  • Identify generator with AI, including UGC, 3rd party, or astroturfers
  • Playback viral content propagation to support future campaign optimization

Marketing Data Accumulation

Use accumulated data assets to guide future actions
  • Archive competitor campaign calendar for further analyses
  • Quantify KOL influence, optimize recommended KOL portfolio
  • Analyze potential customers and acquire high value target customers


Brand Buzz Dashboard

Brand buzz history and sentiments; buzz by website and by generator; cloud of hot words; original texts

Custom Search Discovery Dashboard

Cloud of hot keywords; hot topic hashtags; hot contents

Event Monitor

Buzz and sentiment monitor for custom defined events by keywords and website

Audience Study

Custom defined target audience; audience portraits; KOL ranking by match score and influence index

KOL Library

List of KOLs with key metrics, including influence index, match score, follower count, interaction count, and post count

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