Listening & Leverage

Quantify impacts of online events by brand and by time

Brands are playing out dramas on social media stages. Yimian automatically monitor social media marketing events in your arena. The events are recorded by brand, beginning and end, KOL, subject, and touched audience. We also use normalized social media influence indices to assess the impact of all events. Your competitors report cards are transparent to you. You can learn from others and improve your own events.

Monitor brand sentiments, and distinguish promotors and detractors among followers and influencers

You want to protect your brand equity and track public sentiments. Our service not only quantifies the sentiments, but also identifies your brand's promoters and detractors, be it an average follower or a strong influencer. Our data and analyses give you insights into their motivations and advise how to better manage your brand image.

Analyze touched crowds and optimize target audience

Using our social media data, we can trace the propagation path of content pieces, and characterize the touched audience. You can accumulate lessons and tricks from each social media event, and better define your target audience and strategy to reach.

Visualize content propagation paths on social networks and optimize KOL selections

By visualizing content propagation paths, we help you discover critical nodes and measure their communication power. Yimian's tools help you optimize future selection of, and spending on, KOLs. These tools include KOL recommendation algorithm, KOL impact assessment, influencer-audience alignment, topic alignment, brand alignment, and KOL sales contribution analysis.

Assess hot topics and recommend content attributes

You want your content to go viral. Our data help you identify historical viral topics for selected categories and brands. We uncover hidden consumer behaviors and preferences behind the hot buzz. By speaking consumer languages and addressing consumer interests, you will improve your content batting average.