Ratings & Reviews

Extract raves and rants from the ocean of consumer comments

Yimian has invested years of R&D in our proprietary Natural Language Processing engines for semantic and sentiment analysis. These engines accurately interpret jargons, tenses, logics, and emotions, and pinpoint the specific topics.

Categorize raves and rants into actionable buckets using proprietary industry knowledge graphs

Yimian has tailored knowledge graphs for each product category, which accurately bucket consumer comments into actionable topic types, such as product, package, logistics, services, or others. Each topic type is further refined into sub-types. For example, the "product" type for skincare is refined into "texture", "grease", "scent", "irritation", and "moisture", etc. Yimian's NLP engines can smartly interpret different expressions of the same meaning and put them into the correct types and sub-types. This service helps clients understand consumer attitudes and expectations in each actionable area, which drives improvement initiatives.

Benchmark competition and industry to identify relative strength and weakness

We help brands not only quantify words-of-mouth, but also benchmark against industry or selected competitors. This service fairly highlights your own strength and weakness comparing to others, in consumers' own minds. It provides the factbase to close the gap where you are behind, and to expand the advantage where you are ahead.

Prioritize product and service initiatives based on quantitative metrics

There is no end to continuous improvements. When struggling with competing improvement requests, you can use quantitative metrics of raves and rants versus competition to prioritize your improvement initiatives.