Ad-serving & Assessment

Define high potential audience, tailor product selling points to their needs, and develop content strategies

We build models using client's Jingdong 9N or Alibaba Databank datasets. We analyze the consumer journey efficiency and identify attributes of high potential consumers. Based on quantitative consumer portraits across categories, we provide highly relevant content ideas.

Driven by consumer contexts, optimize timing and channel of ad-serving

You need to leverage multiple ad-serving tactics such as acquisition within category, acquisition from competition, activation of potential customers, or re-activation of existing customers. We help you differential ad-serving timing and channel to laser focus on relevant purchase context of target audience. You will optimize the progress of your consumer journey stages and improve ROI of your ad spending.

Evaluate ad-serving impacts and iterate for maximized ad-serving ROI

You need timely feedback of ad-serving to guide your adjustment in the next wave. Yimian's integrated ad-serving and ad-evaluation services establish causal links between investment and return to accelerate your learning curve. The closed-loop feedback also enable you to add additional iteration rounds to further improve overall ROI.